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Independence Day

I've not had the chance to post any updates lately, but the good news is that's because I've been busy. My current clients have a website relaunch coming up and a lot of content to get through. Fortunately, the subject matter is enjoyable and having the opportunity to do repeat jobs for the same clients has been a very good learning experience, as they appreciate my position in starting a new career and have offered invaluable feedback and constructive criticism. Hopefully the impending relaunch also means I'm closer to being able to show links to more of my work.

Thankfully, I'll have the opportunity to pause briefly over the Independence Day weekend. Shortly, I'll be off to the airport to pick up my wife Karissa, and after spending tomorrow at work (and sending off my most recent assignment to my clients) we'll be loading up the car for a few nights of camping and a couple days of hiking in Denali National Park - a trip I'm working up into a pitch for print magazines.

Enjoy the weekend, and feel free to offer and any suggestions on the website. Comment here, or you can email me from the link on my front page, or find my Twitter and LinkedIn here on the blog and on the front page. On the About page, you can sign up to be notified when I update the site, including updating my portfolio or this blog.

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